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At MyMeal Catering, we provide our hospital catering services in primarily three categories:

MMC and the health care team are collaborating to transform the way patients experience food at the hospital. We believe it’s important to provide patient meals that are:

  • Taste Great
  • Freshly made
  • Deliver good nutrition

We have implement the new menu system for patients. At the heart of this model, patients are able to place their order through a tablet or other mobile device to connect patient menu choices with the information in the dietary office. Having this information encourages patients to choose menu based on taste preferences while keeping them safe from food limitations or allergies.

Patients who are properly nourished have better outcomes and greater overall satisfaction with their hospital stay. And because patients are in control of their meal services, food waste is reduced through having fewer wasted or inaccurate trays and more accurate ordering results in a reduction in food expenses.

Our software ensure accuracy, provides variety, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Improvement in efficiency and accuracy while increasing patient satisfaction can make a real difference in the level of care hospital provides.

Did You Know:

  • We provide approximately 18.600 meals to patients every month.
  • Our kitchen ready to serve your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • On most wards, you will be able to choose your own meals including regular diet, soft diet, and pureed diet.

MMC dan tim kesehatan bekerja sama untuk mengubah pengalaman makan pasien di rumah sakit. Kami percaya adalah penting untuk menyediakan makanan pasien yang:

  • Bercitarasa Tinggi
  • Dibuat dalam kondisi segar
  • Mengandung nutrisi yang dibutuhkan

Kami telah mengimplementasikan sistem menu baru untuk pasien. Inti dari sistem ini adalah pasien dapat memilih sendiri makanan yang dikehendakinya melaui perangkat elektronik yang menghubunbgkan menu pilihan pasien dengan informasi pada ahli gizi. Dengan ini, pasien dapat memilih makanan yang  disukainya namum tetap memperhatikan alergi atau pantangan lain.

Pasien yang mendapatkan asupan gizi baik akan memperoleh hasil akhir yang lebih baik dan lebih puas dengan pelayanan rumah sakit. Dan karena pasien dapat memilih sendiri makanan yang disukainya, sisa makanan dapat dikurangi jumlahnya. Ketepatan pemesanan makanan pasien dapat memuat biayaleboih efisien.

Software kami memastikan ketepatan, menyediakan variasi makanan, meningkatkan produktifitas, dan mengurangi biaya. Peningkatan dalam hal efisiensi dan keteptan serta peningkatan kepuasan pasien dapat menciptakan perbedaan yang berarti dalam pelayanan yang diberikan rumah sakit.

Tahukah Anda:

  • Kami menyiapkan rata rata 18.600 makanan untuk pasien setiap bulannya.
  • Dapur kami siap melayani Anda 24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu.
  • Pasa sebagin besar ruang rawat inap, pasien dapat memilih sendiri makanan yang disukaiinya termasuk jenis diet biasa, diet lunak, dan diet halus/cincang.

Employee will not leave the office if they feel like the food offered on site is more attractive than what they will find outside.

This will reduce the time employees are away from work. It will increase employee satisfaction level because company is offering more interesting food options. With MMC, you will be able to increase number of employees who can stay on site to eat.

Employees have limited time to stop off on the way home to buy the family meal. We provide Take Away solution, where your employees can buy meals to bring home.

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